The battle of the lipbalm

I’m a lipbalm fanatic. I love to apply a good moisturizing lipbalm before bed, of before applying my lipstick or just because I want to. So, with time I’ve have made  quite a collection of the matter. I’m not going to review every single one of them but I will tell you which ones are my favourites and why. Let’s get started.


Blistex Intensive Moisturizer £2.63:


This thing is amazing for chapped lips and when your lips just don’t even seem or look like lip should look. It’s great for day time, it might give you a funny sensation and it has quite a nice minty scent to it.

Chanel Hydramax £28:


This is the fanciest (and only) lipbalm I own. I pick this one up on the airport sometime ago and I quite like it. The only thinks that ‘bothers’ me is that it won’t work on chapped lips, you’ll get the best of it when your lips are looking nice and soft and you want to moisturize a little bit before applying your lipstick.

Vaseline Lip Therapy £2.18:


Just the regular, old fashion vaseline. This stuff if just great. It works, it’s cheap, what else could I possible want? I usually apply this before going to bed and the next morning my lips will be soft as they could be.

Which one is you favourite lipbalm?


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