The beauty of the Oscars

I have always loved the Academy Awards. I think it is the best part of the Season Awards. I mean, it’s the time were all the actors and actresses bring out the big guns; the dreamy dresses, the flawless makeup, the perfect tux. It’s a night where everything is meant to perfect, and it never, dissapoints. Actually, sometimes they do, but this year’s Oscars were freaking awesome.

So in honour of that magnificent night, I have made a compilation of my favourite looks of last Sunday.










Seriously? Do I need to say something about Angelina Jolie?

Well, I guess I could say it’s pure perfection. The perfect, and subtle, smoky eye, the false eyelashes that could easily look like hers, the nude lip. It’s too much perfection to handle.










Lupita Nyong’o has been in everybodies’ radar lately and for a very good reason. Without going to much into detail about THAT DRESS, her makeup is amazing. It looks so natural, so effortless, like she just wakes up like this every morning, puts on some lipgloss and she’s ready to go. How does she does it? I guess we’ll never know..




This woman is every man’s  (and some women) dream girl. Olivia Wilde is stunning. I love how she’s has the sparkly eyeshadow and the wing eyeliner going on and they match perfectly. And the pinky nude lip, which was a huge trend, fits perfectly.














Finally, this I the one I personally did not like at all. Let me say I’m a huge Lady Gaga’s fan, but this was too much.


The super-glittery eyeshadow, the extra-long lashes, the hair. It just isn’t my cup of tea. She’s so stunning, I think if her makeup was a bit more like’s Angelina it would have suit better. But you can always expect the unexpected with Gaga, so I guess this wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

So, here are my favourites, what about you? Have you got any Oscar’s favourites?



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