Mini Spa for the hands

Every now and again I like to pamper myself. Sometimes it can be a full-on spa day with hair and face masks, manicure and some romantic comedies, but when I don’t have enough time, wheter because I’m studying or have lots of things to do, I make sure that I have sometime to relax and not over-stress about things and do a mini-tiny-spa moment.

Last thruesday my hand where looking awfully dry so I decided to put my books down for and hour and give myself and intensive hand and cuticle moisturizing session. In order to do that I put on my super comfy Minnie Mouse PJ’s, some of my favourite hand products and a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory for the ultimate ‘sit back and relax’night in

Hand Food by Soap & Glory £5.00

This hand cream is amazing, specially for the price.It has ingredients like Shea Butter and macadamia oil. It really moisturizes the skin, plus it leaves it smelling amazing!

Soap & Glory Hand Food™ Hand Cream

Almond Cuticle and Nail  Oil. The Body Shop. £7.00

This thing is so good! It makes the cuticle look so much softer and moiturized. It also comes with an end that helps to push the cuticles once the products softes them.


I like to useSoap& Glory hand foodand the gloves that came with in (on the Christmas limited edition), I put it on before I use cuticle and nail  oil, rub some in the nails and focus the product on the cuticles and put on the gloves. I leave them one for and hour or so to make sure that it really sinks into the skin.


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