The Liebster Award

I know, I know. I’m late to the party. Livia tagged me a loooong time ago and I was very rude and took a long time to do this (Sorry Livia!) but it’s finally here! This tag is great ‘cause is all about bloggers that have less than 500 followers and helps promote each other, so without further unnecessary comments, I give you THE LIEBSTER AWARD.

LiebsterAward- All Beauty Confessions

The rules! If you are nominated..
Thank and tag the blogger who nominated you.Answer the 11 questions they give you.Nominated 11 other bloggers with less than 500 followers.Post a list of 11 questions you want these bloggers to answer.Tag your nominee’s and post a comment on their blog about the award on their blog.

The questions Livia asked me are:

1. How often do you blog? Have you set any specific days?

I’m quite a mess actually. When I started I said to myself that I should, at least, blog twice a week. The thing that I didn’t realized was that I’m a student at Uni and Uni consumes you, seriously. I’ll try to get better though…

2. When you have to buy a new makeup product do you search online for reviews or you just trust your own instict?

I guess it depends on the product, specially if it’s a luxury one. I’d hate spending lots of money in a product that’s rubbish. I’m most likely follow my instinc in drugstore makeup or Givenchy products as I don’t find enough reviews about this brand (which is amazing). 

3. In which store you prefer to shop for makeup?

Well, I live in a small city in Argentina so there aren’t many options, seriously, there’s no MAC, Bobbie Brown or any brands like that. If you want to buy something like that you’d have to go to the capital, Buenos Aires, the thing is makeup is twice if not three times more expensive that, say, the UK or US. So when I get to travel abroad I like Walgreens, Boots or my old good friend Duty Free Shops.

4. Which is your favorite mascara?

Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes! I even made a blog post about it. It simply has it all. It’s a good one. 

5. Which is your favorite shade of lipstick?

Red. Always and forever. Even if you have no makeup on, a red lipstick will always makeup stand out. At the moment I’m really loving Rimmel’s Apocalips in Big Bang.

6. When did you first start doing makeup?

Oh, god, I guess when I was little, you knwo with those kids makeup things?. I remember a Minnie Mousse I had, it had the most unflattering shade of blue ever, but I still run around the house acting like I was some sort of goddess or soemthing. But proper makeup, I guess about 14 or 15.

7. Which is your favorite makeup brand?

I guess it depends on what I’m looking for. I like Revlon for lipstick, Maybelline for mascaras, L’oreal’s eyeshadow and Rimmel’s eyeliner. And for luxury brands, Chanel’s foundation and powder, MAC lipstick and eyeshadow and Bobbie Brown’s gel eyeliner

8. If you could choose to live somewhere, where would it be?

London. Always. I spent 6 months living in a town called Dunstable in 2012 working, and a couple of weeks in London and I loved it. I’d love to finish University and get a job there, it would be a dream come true.

9. How long have you been blogging?

Since January. I’ve always have blogs around abouot different things, but never lasted to much. I really hopes this one lasts!

10. What camera do you use to take pictures for your blog?

I own a Canon T3i Rebel, which is similiar to Canon 60D is in the UK.

11. Whats is the thing you like the most about blogging?

I like expressing opinions, about anything and what better thing to review/opinate than the thing you are really passionate about?

My nominees for the Liebster Award are:


Nicola and Debbie


Honey Bee



The Yellow Notebook




Here are my questions for you ladies:

1. What’s the meaning behing your blog’s name?

2. What/ Who got you into makeup?

3. What’s your worst beauty habit?

4. Which high end product is worth the money?

5. Name 5 makeup products that you’d take to a desert island

6.How often do you buy makeup?

7. Which skincare product do you always reach for?

8. Name 3 things on your beauty wishlist.

9. Makeup or skin care?

10.Why did you start a blog?

Here they are, I really hope you enjoy doing it as much as I did!



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