Drugstore face #1

Let me tell you a little story. Back in the day, about 4 or 5 years ago I went for the second time to the US. I remember when I went to a Wallgreens, you know when in the movies they put that angel choir sounds? When, that’s the sound I heard the first time I walked into walgreens. IT WAS HEAVEN, OK? I think it still is. I remember myself picking lots and lots and lots of products. By the way, at that time, I didn’t have much of a clue about make up at all. I just took what I liked. Boy, if I could go back…

Then I had a face where I thought drugstore makeup was rubbish. Big mistake. I don’t know why I thought that, but it was stuck in my mind that drugstore makeup was bad quality, not good for the skin and stuff. A couple of years later, I can say that I have learn a little bit more about makeup, that I still do everyday and that drugstore makeup can be as good, if not better in some occations, than luxury brands.



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After that long, probably unnecessary introduction, let me tell you about the products in question. I really like Revlon’s lipbutter, it makes the lips soft, adds colour, moisturises and it smells freaking amazing. The one in the picture is in  strawberry shortcake, a lovely pinky tone that probably suits most skins, but looks better when you are a little bit tan.

The second one is the easiest to apply. It’s Maybelline’s color tattoo in bad to the bronze, a gorgeous brown shade that works as a base or on it’s own on the lid and it always looks amazing.

Next is a Exaggerate liquid eyeliner by Rimmel. This one is the waterproof version. Now, I’m not a waterproof mascara kinda gal, but I do have oily lids so the eyeliner doesn’t stay for a long time… until this. This is beyond good. IT’s the perfect combination between, easy to apply, long lasting but not that hard to take off. Just incredible.

Let me know in the commets which ones are your favourite drugstore products!




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